Wednesday, February 3, 2010


More than eight-thousand dollars have been designated for use by the Salvation Army for this year’s operation of the Springfield Overflow Shelter (SOS). The initial decision to commit the funding came from the Springfield City Round Up Advisory Committee, which met to decide how the donations should be utilized. In all, $8,310.91 has been raised through the voluntary program.

“This amount will help Salvation Army to maintain this vital annual service to the homeless community this year,” Mayor Tim Davlin said. “Even though the SOS operates with numerous volunteers, there is still a need for financial support to keep the doors open.”

“Winter provides more challenges to the homeless, not the least of which is overnight shelter from the cold. The SOS has provided a vital service to get the homeless off our streets during the coldest months of the year. It and other successful programs can continue to operate if our residents continue to help through the Round Up program.”

“We greatly appreciate this donation which will provide money for supplies for the homeless,” said Archie Ford, SOS Shelter Director.

The Round Up Program was established to allow Springfield residents an easy way to help the homeless by having their monthly bill rounded up to the next dollar with the difference between the bill and the rounded up amount going to programs that assist the homeless. In addition to rounding up their utility bills to the nearest dollar, CWLP customers can add a specified dollar amount to each monthly bill.

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