Tuesday, November 24, 2009


City Water, Light and Power is offering two gift options this holiday season that don’t require fighting the crowds at retailers. Gift cards for bill credits or green energy credits are available for purchase in any amount for city residents with CWLP service.

Those interested in purchasing a gift card for bill credits may do so at CWLP’s Customer Service Office at Municipal Center West at Seventh and Monroe Streets or by credit card over the phone, 789-2030. The cards may be purchased year-round in any amount with cash, cashier’s check, personal check or credit card and will be applied as a credit on a customer’s CWLP bill.

The name and address of the intended recipient will be requested and the gift card will be provided to the purchaser to present to the recipient. For more information on gift cards call 789-2030.

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) provide a way to purchase ‘green energy’ attributes and neutralize the environmental impact of their monthly energy usage. CWLP will provide certificates showing the quantity and a proof of purchase for RECs and enrolled customers will also be given a window decal for their home or plaque for their business to display their participation in the program.

RECs can be purchased in 200 kilowatt-hour (kWh) blocks of renewable resources for $ each through their monthly CWLP bill or one-time purchases in any amount can be made. The typical residential CWLP customer uses 800 to 1,000 kWh per month and can, on average, have an account representing 100% renewable investment for an additional $8 per billing cycle.

Signing up to enroll in the program can be done in person or over the phone by contacting the CWLP Energy Services Office (ESO) at 789-2070. One-time purchase opportunities and Renewable Choice Gift Certificates for those that want to buy RECs for someone else can be made at the customer service counter in Municipal Center West at Seventh and Monroe Streets.

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