Friday, October 2, 2009


City Water, Light and Power will celebrate Public Power Week and Customer Service Week October 5 to 12 by focusing on the history of public power in Springfield and honoring the men and women responsible for serving the utility’s 65,000+ customers.

“The foresight of the founders who fought for the municipal operation of CWLP ensured our community’s independence for a century of success in public power,” said Mayor Tim Davlin. “With this foresight, a representative government and the thousands of professionals who have kept the lights on and the watering running, our community has truly benefited.”

“Public Power Week recognizes CWLP and other utilities for providing an essential service and that is driven by public service, not profit,” said CWLP General Manager Todd Renfrow. “We should all be proud of the long history that began with a 750-kilowatt generator and 300 customers to what CWLP is today as the state’s largest municipal utility serving power and high-quality drinking water to a population over 152,000.”

An exhibit on the construction of Dallman Unit 4 is set up outside of the CWLP Customer Service office in the lobby of Municipal Center West at 7th and Monroe Streets. Photos depicting the phases of construction of the utility’s new 200-MW unit are included. In honor of Customer Service Week, a second exhibit will introduce visitors to the men and women who make up the CWLP Customer Service Office and respond to their calls for account information and service.

CWLP is the largest of Illinois’ 42 public utilities by numbers of customers served, revenue, sales and generation. CWLP has nine generating stations, which includes six coal-fired power plants; two oil-fired gas peaking turbines and a dual fuel natural gas and oil-fired combustion turbine, which serve customers in an 80-square-mile service territory.

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