Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Total customers affected drops to under 300.

Under 300 CWLP customers are without power in scattered areas around the city primarily due to trees in conflict with individual service lines and transformer issues. Two circuits were restored earlier this afternoon: one in Piper Glen subdivision affecting 150 customers due to a broken pole; another in an area roughly bound by 11th Street, Griffiths and Sangamon Avenues and 19th Street affecting 120 customers. CWLP troubleshooters, line crews, traffic crews and substation crews are in the field investigating causes and making repairs.

Motorists are reminded to treat all nonworking or flashing traffic signals as a four-way stop.

Customers outside of specific reported areas who have not already reported electric service problems or who arrive home to find their power out this evening should call the Electric Trouble Line at 789-2121.

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